Trying to find some kinky application for the ganzfeld effect


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I am thinking about some kinky applications for the Ganzfeld Effect. Shielding your eyes with halved ping-pong-balls while listening to white noise leads to an effect of sensory deprivaton. The sensory deprivation will lead to some interesting altered states of consciousness like open-eye visuals, auditory hallucinations or strange body sensations.
Furthermore the remaining senses are much more intense. How could you use this effects in a kinky way?

Maybe it would be easier and even kinkier to use classical with Ear-Plugs like Moldex-7700-PuraFit. If you combine these methods you will get a combined SNR-Value of 70 db which is completely silent.
Using a mindfold you can get the effect of gazing into complete darkness with eyes open. That would even have more psychedelic effects. And you can apply it while lying.

Would love to combine this both methods with some sensual experiences…


Stress induced orgasm


There is the possibility of getting an orgasm because of fear or a shock. I know this because I have experienced this twice at school, once in a math exam and once while an exam of machine typing. It was not that pleasant but strange and embarassing and as I am male I had to hide the wet spot.

Researching the internet I have not found much material, some forum posts of a few girls who have experienced this once or twice, also during an exam.

Maybe the answer is the symathic nervous system which causes an orgasm but also the fight-and-flight response.

The only thing one can find are the videos of three orgasms in sling shot malta. The responses seem to be real orgasms.

If anyone knows a valid source for further research, please comment!

Edit: I finally found some hints how this might be possible.
The genital area has adrenaline-sensitive receptors. A quick release of adrenaline into the bloodstream will trigger the orgasm.

Rhythm Napping


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There are many different ways to induce lucid dreams, like the DILD, WILD or MILD method. Quite unknown but promising is the technique of Rhythm Napping.

The technique is quite simple:
After 4 to 6 hours of sleep you get up and stay awake for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.
After that time you go back to bed with an MP3 player with the Rhythm Napping timer, which is an MP3-File that consist mainly of silence and a short waking sound every 8 to twenty minutes. You try to fall asleep and the waking sound will wake you up a little bit, reminding you where you are and that you were dreaming. You may fall asleep conciously again, transisting directly into a lucid dream or you may start dreaming nonlucid and incorporate the waking sound into your dream which may make you lucid.

You can download the rhythm napping timer at the saltcube website or you can create your own using Audacity. According to my experience sounds which are quite repetitive and crescending in volume work best.
You may also experiment with recording your name or your name several times as a waking sound for RN.

what works against premature ejaculation


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  • Having much sex

If you have sex twice a day for one week there will be no problems with premature ejaculation

  • Slow down sex

There is one sexual meditation in the vigyan bhairav tantra, a 5000 years old set of meditation practice there is one text that says:

Rest in the embers
without burning

Which means: Have sex without ejaculation for a long time. After a certain time your brain will start making funny reactions and altered states of consciousness (ASC) appear.

Kegel exercises for more intense orgasms


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I have been thinking so far that kegel exercises would be relative useless. But this video by made me open up my mind and think about it again.

My information up so far was that it is difficult to have a feedback if the exercise was performed correctly. Women have an advantage as there are feedback devices which are inserted and give signals if the exercise is performed correctly.
If one practices without this feedback devices your only feedback is your sensation: Does it feel sexy? If yes, go on!

If you are interested in more sophisticated pelvic base training you may check Benita Cantieni’s books. She is a swiss trainer and developed a method for getting active control over muscles you usually have no control over. Like your pelvic floor or your face muscles.

German physican Dr. Frank Sommer was researching exercises which pump blood into your pelvic area and created a programme he calls VigorRobic. The exercises are very powerful. The one I like best is the leg scissors lying on the front. You will feel a harder erection even after the first session.

Here you find some more information about VigorRobic exercises.

Following Vid has some Taoist exercises:


Robert Anton Wilson: Sex, Drugs and Magick


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One of my favourite writers, Robert Anton Wilson, wrote a book ‘Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits’, in which he discusses the impact of having sex in combination with certain drugs on a person’s state of consciousness.

The combination of sex and drugs is of course an interesting topic. He discusses in short essays and stories about people he met alternative ways of lovemaking to gain altered states of consciousness, finding one’s true sexual orientation, overcoming frigidity and many more topics. There’s also a chapter about amphetamines and why not to use them as well as solanum plants and why not to use them at all.

When I read the book I wished to get more like instructions but it certainly is no manual or tutorial but it gives valuable stimuli what one could do or should not do with his or her brain. It will give you a good laugh from time to time.

Bob has been an enormous influence on my way of thinking for more than ten years now. Thanks for everything, Mr. Wilson.

Robert Bruce’s Energy Work for lucid dreams, OOBEs and mind-blowing sex


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A few years ago I stumbled over a very impressing ebook about meditation and astral projection: NEW Energy Work by Robert Bruce.

During the last years I have developed an attidutde which you might call ‘hedonistic positive sceptic’. To sum up: I don’t believe in most things I write about but I find the results impressing. Like: I don’t give a f if your soul really leaves your body during an astral projection. As long as it feels good I will try and practice it.

So I found a copy of Robert Bruces New Energy Ways Ebook at his website It gives you a plain introduciton into his way of meditation which he calls ‘Energy Work’.
This form of meditation is based on tactile imaging, like visualization but not with your visual but with your tactile sense.

With very few practice you will have impressing results like increased dream recall or improved sensory feelings. If you practice the energy exercises on your mouth before having a meal you will increase your ability to taste the food in an astonishing way.
Don’t do it before you go to smoke. I tried once and I felt like I had to vomit for more than an hour. It was even worse than in the age of 13 when I tried a cig for the first time.

Anyway: there are even more funny ways to apply this method: Sex.
In the ebook Mr. Bruce says that one should stop when sexual feelings appear, but in one of his podcasts he reports about a couple who tried this in bed and had impressing results. They say it even saved their marriage.

I tried it once with my wife and hell, yes, it was terrific. We tried it on our mouths before kissing and it was like wow. That were the most intense kisses I can remember. And when we applied the energy work at our sweetest spots…

Woman gets orgasm just by breathing


There’s an interesting video on youtube about a woman who is able to get an orgasm just by breathing.
How is this possible? Is it possible to practice?


American tantra teacher Sheri Winston also claims to be able to get an orgasm just by breathing. Within three breaths. I also want to be able to do so.

So I have to keep on practicing.


Here’s a further instruction video:

Hysterical literature


I really love clayton cubitt’s videos about hysterical literature. Women reading literature are stimulated with a vibrator until they reach climax. It’s wonderful to see. I’m not sure but I think the vibrator used is the Hitachi Magic Wand.

I don’t know if it would be an interesting event to see an episode with a man. Just for equality…

For more Information you may visit Clayton Cubitt’s Blog.

Energy Orgasms


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There are some people on youtube who claim that they are able to give people orgasm just by using chi energy. I really don’t know if I believe all those people, but the numbers of youtubers performing examples is still increasing. Anyway it looks very hot what they are doing.

Here is an example of Daikini Sophie. Just set your family filter to ‘off’ and enjoy.

The whole body energetic orgasm with Dakini Sophie von noyb5349

For further reserarch on youtube you may search for
* Andrew Barnes
* Nathan Martin
* Nithyama Bodywork
* Sensueel Ontwaken
* JohnTantra
* Larissaastara