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A few years ago I stumbled over a very impressing ebook about meditation and astral projection: NEW Energy Work by Robert Bruce.

During the last years I have developed an attidutde which you might call ‘hedonistic positive sceptic’. To sum up: I don’t believe in most things I write about but I find the results impressing. Like: I don’t give a f if your soul really leaves your body during an astral projection. As long as it feels good I will try and practice it.

So I found a copy of Robert Bruces New Energy Ways Ebook at his website www.astraldynamics.com. It gives you a plain introduciton into his way of meditation which he calls ‘Energy Work’.
This form of meditation is based on tactile imaging, like visualization but not with your visual but with your tactile sense.

With very few practice you will have impressing results like increased dream recall or improved sensory feelings. If you practice the energy exercises on your mouth before having a meal you will increase your ability to taste the food in an astonishing way.
Don’t do it before you go to smoke. I tried once and I felt like I had to vomit for more than an hour. It was even worse than in the age of 13 when I tried a cig for the first time.

Anyway: there are even more funny ways to apply this method: Sex.
In the ebook Mr. Bruce says that one should stop when sexual feelings appear, but in one of his podcasts he reports about a couple who tried this in bed and had impressing results. They say it even saved their marriage.

I tried it once with my wife and hell, yes, it was terrific. We tried it on our mouths before kissing and it was like wow. That were the most intense kisses I can remember. And when we applied the energy work at our sweetest spots…