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One of my favourite writers, Robert Anton Wilson, wrote a book ‘Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits’, in which he discusses the impact of having sex in combination with certain drugs on a person’s state of consciousness.

The combination of sex and drugs is of course an interesting topic. He discusses in short essays and stories about people he met alternative ways of lovemaking to gain altered states of consciousness, finding one’s true sexual orientation, overcoming frigidity and many more topics. There’s also a chapter about amphetamines and why not to use them as well as solanum plants and why not to use them at all.

When I read the book I wished to get more like instructions but it certainly is no manual or tutorial but it gives valuable stimuli what one could do or should not do with his or her brain. It will give you a good laugh from time to time.

Bob has been an enormous influence on my way of thinking for more than ten years now. Thanks for everything, Mr. Wilson.