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I have been thinking so far that kegel exercises would be relative useless. But this video by cherrytv.com made me open up my mind and think about it again.

My information up so far was that it is difficult to have a feedback if the exercise was performed correctly. Women have an advantage as there are feedback devices which are inserted and give signals if the exercise is performed correctly.
If one practices without this feedback devices your only feedback is your sensation: Does it feel sexy? If yes, go on!

If you are interested in more sophisticated pelvic base training you may check Benita Cantieni’s books. She is a swiss trainer and developed a method for getting active control over muscles you usually have no control over. Like your pelvic floor or your face muscles.

German physican Dr. Frank Sommer was researching exercises which pump blood into your pelvic area and created a programme he calls VigorRobic. The exercises are very powerful. The one I like best is the leg scissors lying on the front. You will feel a harder erection even after the first session.

Here you find some more information about VigorRobic exercises.

Following Vid has some Taoist exercises: