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There are many different ways to induce lucid dreams, like the DILD, WILD or MILD method. Quite unknown but promising is the technique of Rhythm Napping.

The technique is quite simple:
After 4 to 6 hours of sleep you get up and stay awake for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.
After that time you go back to bed with an MP3 player with the Rhythm Napping timer, which is an MP3-File that consist mainly of silence and a short waking sound every 8 to twenty minutes. You try to fall asleep and the waking sound will wake you up a little bit, reminding you where you are and that you were dreaming. You may fall asleep conciously again, transisting directly into a lucid dream or you may start dreaming nonlucid and incorporate the waking sound into your dream which may make you lucid.

You can download the rhythm napping timer at the saltcube website or you can create your own using Audacity. According to my experience sounds which are quite repetitive and crescending in volume work best.
You may also experiment with recording your name or your name several times as a waking sound for RN.