Hands-free Orgasm videos at youtube


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You can find two interesting hypnosis videos at youtube. They are created to get a hands-free orgasm.

So: have fun…

P.S.: Here’s the hypnotic Induction first.


Sex and Lucid Dreaming



Can sex induce lucid dreaming? What about sex in lucid dreams?

If lucid dreamers are asked what the first thing was they did in lucid dreams they say either flying or sex.
You may even use lucid dreaming to improve your orgasmic potential in waking life which you may read in ‘Exploring the world of lucid dreaming’ by Stephen LaBerge.

And I guess some ways of tantric or taoist sexuality or Karezza ‘practiced’ before bedtime or during an hour of wakefulness during the night (WBTB) can increase your chance of a lucid dream. j

So: Let’s make love!